Photo Credits

Svalbard                      by David McEowen, Courtesy OneOcean Expeditions

Cape Hay                    Blacklegged Kittiwakes by Brocken Inaglory Wikipedia

Pond Inlet                    Nattinnak Visitor Centre and Library by Navosielski Wikipedia

The World                   at Pond Inlet 2019 Courtesy WorleyParsons

Ocean Diamond          Courtesy Sunstone Ships       

Sea Spirit                     Courtesy Sunstone Ships

Ushuaia                       Courtesy Antarpply

Le Champlain              By Mike Louagie Courtesy of Ponant

Crystal Serenity           Courtesy Crystal Cruise Line

Kapitan Khlebnikov      Courtesy Quark Expeditions

Ship in Fjord                David Sinclair Images Courtesy OneOcean Expeditions

Polar Bear                   by David McEowen, Courtesy OneOcean Expeditions

Penguins                     Courtesy Falkland Islands Tourism