Errata pp 194 et seq.

New information has come to hand regarding incidents that need to be added to Appendix 6.

1921 Kaisar-i-Hind Touch-and-go grounding off the Norwegian coast 11:19pm 14 July. Described by Mr. A Crudge in his log notes as “…nasty bump, beastly grating and stop. Had struck rock” he reported that the ship was making some water and the next port call at Gudvangen was cancelled with the ship heading directly to Bergen for a diver inspection. Lloyds eventually approved the ship to continue on its cruise.
2005 Ushuaia Touch-and-go grounding in Koksoak River 17 July. Programme delayed until 25 July after divers had been able to inspect the ship. Apparently, all well as passengers embarked the same day on the next Cruise North itinerary.