Canadian Arctic Cruise Activity

Through the generosity of Jean-Pierre Lehnert, Officer-in-Charge of NORDREG operations in Iqaluit, who took on the task of re-visiting the cruise ship records for these three years, I have been able to develop a much more accurate estimate of passenger numbers in the Canadian Arctic. However, it is still an estimate because there is no requirement for ships to provide the kind of detailed information that is available through IAATO for ships visiting Antarctica. Here numbers for passengers, staff, crew1 and others, by voyage, are provided. For the Arctic only the Persons on Board (POB) figure is generally available; although occasionally ships do provide passenger and crew numbers. Thus I have estimated the number of Staff2, and have generally used the crew numbers for expedition ships given in Of Penguins and Polar Bears: A History of Cold Water Cruising, pp170-174. I will post a re-evaluation of number of cruises and passengers for the Canadian Arctic in the Errata. This will also benefit from access to fairly detailed information about ship activities in Greenland before and after visiting the Canadian Arctic. This information wasn’t available when I prepared the paper on the History of Cruising in the Canadian Arctic, from which the tables on pp 175&176 in Penguins were drawn. I will also update this paper with any revisions.


Places in the Canadian Arctic with Five or More Visits Over 2015-2019

Place Visits Place Visits
Akpotok Island 9 Iqaluit 21
Arctic Bay 7 Isabella bay 18
Beechey Island 58 Jenny Lind Island 10
Broughton Island 7 Johansen Bay 7
Cambridge Bay 15 Kimmirut 5
Cape Dorset 6 Kugluktuk 5
Cape Hay 7 Lower Savage Islands 13
Coburg Island 11 Maxwell Bay 10
Coningham Bay 17 Monumental Island 13
Coutts Inlet 5 Pangnirtung 8
Craig Harbour 7 Philpots Island 12
Croker Bay 53 Pond Inlet 64
Dundas Harbour 43 Port Leopold 8
Fram Fjord 6 Prince Leopold Island 24
Fury Beach 5 Queen’s Harbour 7
Gibbs Fjord 15 Radstock Bay 32
Gjoa Haven 19 Resolute Bay 14
Grise Fjord 13 Sam Ford Fjord 17
Fort Ross 24 Smoking Hills 8
Herschel Island 7 Suneshine Fjord 8
Holman 12 Tay Bay 6
Icy Arm Fjord 10 Victory Point 5

1 The crew numbers derived from IAATO records suggests that some of the data given in the book may be incorrect, although they were provided by referenced internet resources. A comparative table has been provided in the Errata where these differences are substantial.

2 From the most recent IAATO voyage reports, generally 2018/19. The 2019/20 voyage reports are not yet available.


The itinerary logs created by Mr. Lehnert are entirely original, because although the data exists, there has never been a need to extract it from the primary records. In addition to the POB figures, the itineraries offer interesting additional detail. The following spreadsheet shows that 177 unique sites were visited over the five-year period. I have extracted from this list, the places that were visited at least five times during the period. I will post brief descriptions of each of these locations, together with available imagery.

Many communities in the list of places visited have two names; their Inuktitut one, which tends to be more recent, and a historic name given to the location by the Hudson’s Bay Company, or explorers in the 19th Century. The current name in the list below is the one in most common usage.

Historical Name Current Name
Broughton Island Qikiqtarjuaq
Cambridge Bay Cambridge Bay
Cape Dorset Kinngait
Clyde River Clyde River
Coral Harbour Coral Harbour
Fort Chimo Kuujjuaq
George River Kangiqsuallujuaq
Gjoa Haven Gjoa Haven
Holman Ulukhaktok
Igloolik Igloolik
Lake Harbour Kimmirut
Coppermine Kugluktuk
Pelly Bay Kugaaruk
Frobisher Bay Iqaluit
Resolute Bay Resolute Bay
Pangnirtung Pangnirtung
Pond Inlet Mittimatalik
Sachs Harbour Sachs Harbour
Spence Bay Taloyoak
Sugluk Salluit
Wakeham Bay Kangiqsuujuaq



Arctic Visits

Place Location                  
Akpait Ntl. Park 66:33N 61:40W LES18                
Akpatok Island 60:36N 68:01W SQE19 SCL19 SCL18 LES17 OEN17 SXL17 LEB16 SXL16 OEN15
Anderson Bay 69:56N 104:27W TWO19N OEN16              
Arcedekne Island 72:00N 94:13W AKI17.2                
Arctic Bay 73:02N 85:09W OAD19 OEN19 AKI18 ASV17T OEN16 OEN16 SEE15    
Aston Bay 73:46N 95:09W OEN17                
Baillarge Bay 73:14N 84:22N AKI18                
Banks Island 71.27N 121.37W LES17N LEB15N LES15N            
Barrow Falls 67:19N 81:18W SEA16                
Bathurst Inlet 67:22N 108:50W LEB17N                
Batty Bay 73:14N91:25W LAU16N                
Beecher Point 68:27N 113:00W OEN19                
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W BRE19N FRA19.2 HAN19 LAU19N NEX19 OAD19.2 OAD19 OEN19.2 OEN19
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W LEB17N NEX17 NEX17 OEN17 OEN17 OEN17 OEN17 NEX16 OEN16
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W BRE16 CYS16N KKL16 LAU16N AKI15 AKI15 ASV15 HAS15 HAS15
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W OEN19 ROA19N RCR19 TWO19N ASV18 NEX18 AKI17 AKI17 ASV17
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W OEN16 OEN16 OEN16 SEA16 SXL16 AKI16 AKI16 AKI16 AKI16
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W LEB15 LES15N NEX15 OEN15 OEN15 OEN15 OEN15 SEA15 SEA15
Beechey Island 74:43N 91:48W SEE15 HAS17 AKI16 SEE15          
Bernard Harbour 68:47N 114:43W SEA16                
Bethune Inlet 74:50N 80:11W OAD18                
Blacklead Island 64:58N 66:12W SXL16                
Blanley Bay 74:30N 87:24W NEX18 OEN19              
Boger Bay 77.18N 78.53W OAD19 TWO19N              
Broughton Island 67:33N 64:03W OAD19 OEN19 ASV18 OAD18 OEN18 ASV17T OEN17 SEA16  
Buchan Fjord 71:49N 74:32W AKI16                
Burnett Inlet 74:45N 86:12W NEX17                
Button Point 72.48N 76.31W OEN17                
Butterfly Bay 62:59N 64:46W SEA16                
Button Islands 60.38N 64.48W RCR19 AKI18 ASV17            
Bylot Island 72:57N 76:05W SCL18                
Cambridge Bay 69:06N 105:02W BRE19N FRA19T OEN19 ROA19N RCR19T TWO19N AKI16T ASV16D BRE16
Cambridge Bay 69:06N 105:02W CYS16N SEA16T AKI15T ASV15D OEN15 SEA15      
Canada Point 73:17N 80:40W OEN17                
Cape Bathurst 70.15N127.11W LAU19N                
Cape Brodie 72:27N 96:13W OEN19                
Cape Burney 73:19N 76:32W SCL19 SXL16              
Cape Dorset 64:15N 76:31W RCR19 SCL18 OEN16 SEA16 OEN15 SCXL15      
Cape Felix 69:54N 97:58W OEN16 SEA15              
Cape Fitzroy 72:59N 77:34W TWO19N                
Cape Flinders 68:27N 109:05W SEA15                
Cape Graham Moore 73:14N 75:53W OEN19                
Cape Hamilton 69:30N 116:36N TWO19N                
Cape Hardy 75:49N 83:44W OEN17                
Cape Hatt 72:33N 80:23W LES15N SEE15              
Cape Hay 73:46N 80:20W AKI18 OEN18 ASVB17 ASV17T OEN17 NEX15 OEN15    
Cape Hunter 71:41N 72:34W ASV18                
Cape Lyons 76:23N 90:32W NEX15                
Cape McCulloch 72:30N 73:43W NEX15                
Cape Mercy 64:56N 63:47W RCR19 ASV18 OAD18 SEA16          
Cape Newman Smith 75:46N 84:50W OAD18                
Cape Wolstenholme 62:35M 77:31W OEN17 OEN16              
Caswell Tower 74:43N 91:11W TWO19N                
Charles Francis Hall Bay 62:38N 66:38W AKI18 ASV18 ASV17 ASV17          
Clyde River 70:27N 68:36W TWO19N HAS18 SXL16 HAS15          
Coburg Island 75.48N 79.20W LAU19 SCL19 AKI18 FRA18 LES18 LES18 ASV17 LES17 OEN15
Coburg Island 75.48N 79.20W SXL15 SEE15              
Coningham Bay 71:19N 97:13W OEN19 OEN19 RCR19 RCR19 AKI16 AKI16 AKI16T AKI16 OEN16
Coningham Bay 71:19N 97:13W SEA16 AKI15 AKI15T LEB15N LES15N OEN15 OEN15 SEA15  
Coral Harbour 64:14N 83:17W RCR19                
Coutts Inlet 72:10N 75:05W OEN19 FRA18 OEN18 ASV17 OEN17        
Craig Harbour 76.11N 80.31W LAU19 AKI18 HAS18 LES18 NEX17 BRE16 HAS15    
Cresswell Bay 72:46N 93:42W OAD19 LEB18 ASV17 LES16N          
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W BRE19N FRA19 HAN19 LAU19 LEB19 OAD19 OAD19 OEN19 OEN19
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W NEX18 NEX18 OEN18 OEN18 OEN18 SCL18 AKI17 ASV17 CYS17N
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W OEN16 OEN16 OEN16 SEA16 HAS15 HAS15 LEB15N LES15N NEX15
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W OEN19 OEN19 ROA19N RCR19 TWO19N AKI18 AKI18 FRA18 HAS18
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W HAS17 LES17N NEX17 OEN17 OEN17 AKI16 AKI16 AKI16 BRE16
Croker Bay 74.48N 83.12W NEX15 NEX15 OEN15 OEN15 OEN15 SEE15 LEB18 CYS16N  
Cunningham Bay 71.48N 91.50W OEN17 OEN17              
Cunningham Glacier 74:37N 81:30W BRE19N                
Diana Island 60:56N 70:00W BRE17                
Digges Island 62:33N 72:50W RCR19 OEN17 OEN15            
Ditchburn Point 72:05N 94:01W LES18                
Douglas Harbour 61:58N 72:35W OEN17 OEN16 SEA15            
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W BRE19N FRA19 FRA19 HAN19 HAN19 LAU19 LEB19N NEX19 OAD19
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W FRA18 HAS18 LEB18 LES18 NEX18 NEX18 OAD18 OEN18 OEN18
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W NEX17 OEN17 OEN17 OEN16 AKI16 AKI16 ASV16 BRE16 BRE16
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W NEX15 NEX15 OEN15 OEN15 SEE15 ASV18 NEX17 LES15N  
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W OEN19 OEN19 OEN19 OEN19 ROA19N RCR19 SCL19 AKI18 AKI18
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W OEN18 SCL18 AKI17 AKI17 ASV17 ASV17 HAS17 HAS17 LEB17N
Dundas Harbour 74.32N 82.25W ALAU16 OEN16 OEN16 OEN16 AKI15 AKI15 ASV15 HAS15 HAS15
Edinburgh Island 68.28N 110.89W LAU19N LAU16N LES15N            
Eglington Fjord 70.31N 70.22W LEB19 OEN19 OEN18            
Elwin Inlet 73.26N 83.42W OAD19                
English Bay 73:05N 84:13W HAS18                
Erebus 68.16N 98.46W OEN19                
Erik Cove 62:33N 77:24W RCR19                
Eureka 79:57N 85:57W KKL16N HAS15              
Eureka Fjord 76:24N 86:36W HAS15                
Feachem Bay 71:49N 74:32W TWO19N SXL15 SEE15            
Fitzroy Inlet 72:09N 95:00W AKI17                
Fort Ross 72:00N 94:13W FRA19 LAU19N LEB19N OAD19 OEN19 RCR19 ASV18 LEB18 OEN18
Fort Ross 72:00N 94:13W ASV16 BRE16 LAU16N OEN16 OEN16 SEA16 SEA16 AKI15 AKI15
Fort Ross 72:00N 94:13W AKI17.2 AKI17 ASV17.2 BRE17N HAS17 HAS17 LEB17N OEN17 AKI16
Fort Ross 72:00N 94:13W ASV15 LEB15N OEN15 OEN15 SEA15 SEA15 AKI16    
Fram Fjord 76:33N 81:15W NEX19 NEX18 OAD18 NEX17 NEX16 NEX15      
Fury Beach 72:48N 91:53W ASV17 HAS17 LAU16N LES15N SEA15        
Gateshead Island 70:55N 100:30W OEN17                
Gibbs Fjord 70:52N71:12W RCR19 SCL19 AKI17T ASV17 HAS17 OEN17 AKI16 AKI16 BRE16
Gibbs Fjord 70:52N71:12W OEN16 OEN16 SXL16 AKI15 LES15 NEX15      
Gjoa Haven 68:37N 95:53W BRE19N FRA19 LAU19N LEB19N OEN19 OEN19 ROA19N BRE17N HAS17
Gjoa Haven 68:37N 95:53W LES17N OEN17 OEN17 LAU16N OEN16 OEN16 SEA16 LEB15N OEN15
Gjoa Haven 68:37N 95:53W SEA15                
Goose Fjord 76:29N 88:34W NEX17                
Greely Fjord 80:36N 80:45W KKL16N                
Griffin Inlet 75:05N 92:07W OEN15 OEN15              
Grinnell Glacier 62:37N 66:38W LES17N LEB16              
Grise Fjord 76.25N 82.56W LAU19 OEN19 SCL19 AKI18 FRA18 OEN18 ASV17 BRE16 KKL16N
Grise Fjord 76.25N 82.56W OEN16 HAS15 OEN15 SEE15          
Guy’s Bight 72.40N 76.34W AKI18                
Harbour Fjord 76:36N 66:38W HAS18 NEX18 NEX17            
Hat Island 68:20N 100:07W OEN17                
Hell’s Gate 76:33N 89:43W KKL16N                
Herschel Island 69:34N 138:56W BRE19N LAU19N LEB19N BRE17N LAU16N LEB15N LES15N    
Hodgson Head 75.05N 79.29W NEX18                
Holman 70:43N 117:46W LAU19N LEB19N ROA19N TWO19N BRE17N CYS17N LEB17N CYS16N LEB15N
Holman 70:43N 117:46W LES15N                
Home Bay 69:15N 68:03W LES18                
Icy Arm Fjord 71.42N 75.15W HAN19 LAU19 LEB19 HAS18 SCL18 HAS17 LEB17 BRE16 LEB16
Icy Arm Fjord 71.42N 75.15W LES15                
Igloolik 69:23N 81:48W BRE17N SEA16              
Iqaluit 62:38N 66:37W RCR19T RCR19T SQE19 SCL19 SXL19 AKI18T ASV18L ASV18D SQE18
Iqaluit 62:38N 66:37W SEA16 SXL15 AKI15D SCL18 ASV17T ASV17D LES17 OAT17T SXL17
Iqaluit 62:38N 66:37W AKI16L AKI16D ASV16L OEN16T          
Isabella Bay 69.61N 67.52W LAB19 OAD19 RCR19 AKI18 ASV18 OAD18 OEN18 AKI17 ASV17
Isabella Bay 69.61N 67.52W LEB17 LES17 LES17 OAT17 AKI16 LEB16 OEN16 SXL16 AKI15
Jackson Inlet 73:20N 89:00W LES18                
Jakeman Glacier 76:25N 80:51W HAS18 HAS17 HAS15            
Jenny Lind Island & Bay 68:38N 101:47W FRA19 LEB19N OEN19 ROA19N BRE17N HAS17 BRE16 LEB15N OEN15
Jenny Lind Island & Bay 68:38N 101:47W SEA15                
Jesse Bay & Harbour 72.11N 119.59W LAU19N LES15N              
Johansen Bay 68:35N 111:00W LEB19N TWO19N LEB17N SEA16 LES15N OEN15 SEA15    
Kalutea River 73:17N 81:11W NEX16                
Kangiksujuaq 61:36W 71:59W SCL18 OEN15              
Kangiqsualujjuaq 58:41N 65:56W OEN17L OEN17 OEN15            
Kekerton Island 65:43N 65:53W OAD18                
Kimmirut 62:51N 69:52W RCR19 OEN17 OEN16 SEA16 OEN15        
King Point 69:07N 137:58W ROA19N                
Kivitoo 67.55N 64.55W LAU19                
Koluktoo Bay 72:06N 80:44W NEX17                
Kugaaruk 68:35N 90:01W ASV18T                
Kugluktuk 67:50N 115:08W OEN19T OEN16T SEA16 OEN15T SEA15T        
Kuujjuaq 58:46N 68:15W 68:15W                
Lady Franklin Island 62:55N 63:43W SCL19 SQE18 SXL16 SXL15          
Lady Franklin Point 62:92N 63:91W SEA16                
Larsen Sound 71:00N 100:00W BRE17N                
Low Point 73:11N 80:27W ASV17 AKI16 AKI16 AKI15          
Lower Savage Islands 61:51N 65:41W RCR19 SXL19 SCL18 OEN17 SXL17 SPZ18 AKI16 OEN16.2 SEA16
Lower Savage Islands 61:51N 65:41W SEA16 SXL16 OEN15 SXL15          
Makinson Inlet 77:31N 81:45W NEX19                
Makinson Point 77:29N 79:18W NEX17                
Markinson Fjord 77:31N 81:45W SCL19                
Maxwell Bay 74:36N 88:37W OEN19 OEN19 AKI18 LEB18 OEN18 AKI17 ASV17 SXL15 SEA15
Maxwell Bay 74:36N 88:37W SEE15                
Milne Inlet 72:37N 80:02W OEN15                
Mokka Fjord 79:40N 86:45W HAS15                
Monumental Island 62.46N 63.50W RCR19 SQE19 SCL19 AKI18 ASV18 AKI16 ASV16 OEN16.2 SEA16
Monumental Island 62.46N 63.50W SXL16 SXL16 AKI15T SXL15          
Muskox Fjord 76:35N 87:31W NEX18 NEX17 NGX16            
Nedlukseak Island 68:08N 65:54W OEN18 OEN17              
North Arm Fjord 71:58N 74:02W LAU19 LEB19 LES18 )AD18          
Norwegian Bay 77:19N 89:19W KKL16N HAS15              
Padloping Island 69:02N 62:42W SXL16                
Pangnirtung 66.09N 65.44W RCR19 AKI18 ASV18 ASV18 OAD18 OAT17 AKI16 SEA16  
Pasley Bay 70:36N 96:06W FRA19 FRA19 BRE16 SEA16 SEA16        
Patterson Inlet 71:32N 73:32N HAS18                
Pearce Point 69:49N 122:41W BRE19N BRE17N              
Philpots Island 74:49N 80:05W NEX19 SCL19 TWO19N AKI18 FRA18 LES18 LES18 NEX18 OAD18
Philpots Island 74:49N 80:05W OAD18 OEN18 SCL18            
Pim Island 78:24N 73:59W HAN19 HAS17 BRE16            
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W BRE19N FRA19 HAN19 LAU19 LEB19 LEB19N NEX19 OAD19 OEN19T
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W LES18 FRA18 FRA18.2T HAS18 LEB18 CYS17N AKI17 AKI17 ASV17
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W AKI16 ASV16 BRE16 BRE16T LAU16N LEB16 NGX16 OEN16 CYS16N
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W OEN19 OEN19 ROA19N RCR19 RCR19 SCL19 TWO19N AKI18T ASV18
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W ASV17 OEN17 HAS17 HAS17 LES17 LEB17N LES17 NEX17.2 OEN17.2
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W OEN16 SEA16T SXL16 AKI15T AKI15 ASV15 HAS15 HAS15 HAS15
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W LES15N LES15N NEX15 NEX15 NEX15 OEN15.2 SEA15 ASV18 AKI16
Pond Inlet 74.42N 77.59W LEB15N                
Port Epworth 67:44N 111:57W OEN19 TWO19N SEA15            
Port Leopold 73.51N 90.18W AKI18 ASV17 AKI16 AKI16 ASV16 ASV15 SEA15 SEE15  
Powell Inlet 73.39N 85.32W OAD19 OAD18 ASV16            
Prince Leopold Island 74.02N 90.05W OAD19 OAD19 OEN19 RCR19 RCR19 LEB18 ASV18 OEN18 AKI17
Prince Leopold Island 74.02N 90.05W AKI15 AKI15 LEB15N SXL15 SEA15 SEE15 ASV17 OEN17 AKI16
Prince Leopold Island 74.02N 90.05W AKI16 AKI16 ASV16 KKL16N OEN16 OEN16 SEA16    
Pritzler Harbour 62:07N 67:21W SCL18                
Qaruaraqtyuk 72.05N 94.00W LAU19                
Queen’s Harbour 74.50N 80.07W LAU19 NEX17 OEN17 NGX16 LES15N NEX15 NEX15    
Radstock Bay 74:45N 91:10W FRA19 NEX19 OAD19 OAD19 ROA19N RCR19 FRA19 NEX18 AKI17
Radstock Bay 74:45N 91:10W NGX16 OEN16 SEA16 SXL16 ASV15 LES15N NEX15 OEN15 SXL15
Radstock Bay 74:45N 91:10W AKI17 ASV17 HAS17 NEX17 NEX17 OEN17 AKI16 BRE16 BRE16N
Radstock Bay 74:45N 91:10W SXL15 SEA15 SEA15 SEE15 SEE15 KKL16N      
Resolute Bay 74:41N 95:51W OAD19T OEN19T AKI17T ASV17T ASV17T ASV17T OEN17T AKI16T AKI16T
Resolute Bay 74:41N 95:51W KKL16N OEN16T OEN16 OEN15T SEE15T        
Resolution Island 61:19N 64:56W SXL16                
Ross Point 68:32N 111:09W BRE17N                
Royal Geo. Society Islands 71:58N 125:22W AKI16                
Sachs Harbour 62:18N 75:27W KKL16N                
Salluit 62:18N 75:27W BRE17N                
Sam Ford Fjord 70:26N 71:48W HAN19 LAU19 SCL19 SXL19 HAS18 OAD18 OEN18 CYS17N LEB17
Sam Ford Fjord 70:26N 71:48W LES17 OAT17 OEN17 BRE16 CSY16N LEB16 HAS15 SEE15  
Savage Point 72:44N 96:36W RCR19                
Scott Inlet 71:07N 71:06W LEB19                
Shaftesbury Inlet 62:36N 69:16W RCR19                
Sirmilik Park & Glacier 72:53N 78:10W OEN19 OEN18 SXL16            
Skaare Fjord 78:59N 88:00W KKL16N                
Smith Sound 78:25N 74:00W OAD19 HAS18 LES17 NEX17          
Smoking Hills 70:15N 127:08W BRE19N LEB19N ROA19N TWO19N KKL16N LAU16N LEB15N LES15N  
South Cape Fjord 76:27N 84:43W OEN19 OEN18 NEX15            
Starness Fjord 76:37N 82:10W HAN19                
Stratton Inlet 74:31N 86:42W OEN19                
Stromness Bay 68:02N 103:26W AKI16                
Strzelcki Harbour 71:23N 96:55W HAS17 BRE16              
Suneshine Fjord 66.20N 61.00W RCR19 AKI18 ASV18 OAT17 AKI16 AKI16 ASV16 SEA16  
Taloyoak 69:32N 93:31W BRE19N BRE17N              
Tanquaray Fjord 81:11N 79:23W KKL16N                
Tasmania Island 71:15N 96:41W TWO19N                
Tay Bay 73:29N 80:44W OEN18 OEN18 CYS16N NEX15 OEN15 OEN15      
Tay Sound 72:33N 78:56W NEX15                
Taylor Island 69:10N 101:27W BRE18                
Transition Bay 70:36N 96:06W SEA16                
Veste Fjord 79:12N 83:58W NEX15                
Victoria Island 68.35N 111.00W SEA16 LES15N              
Victory Point 68:52N 101:50W RCR19 AKI16 AKI16 ASV16 SEA15        
Walker Arm & Glacier 70.25N 71.58W HAN19 LEB19 HAS18 LES18          
Whaler Point 73:51N 90:18W OEN15                


Ship Abbreviations


Akademik Ioffe AKI
Akademik Sergey Vavilov ASV
Bremen BRE
Crystal Serenity CYS
Fram FRA
Hanseatic HAS
L’Austral LAU
Le Boreal LEB
Le Soleal LES
Kapitan Khlebnikov KKL
Ntl Geographic Explorer NEX
Ocean Adventurer OAD
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The World TWO



Ship Enties  
BRE19 Year Visited
D Pax discharged, vessel deadheaded out
HAN, HAN Successive visits
HAN19.2 Visits same voyage
L Pax loaded, vessel deadheaded in
N Northwest Passage
T Turnaround
Locations Recorded  
Harbour Fjord Distinct Location, thus recorded
Eclipse Sound Passage, possible cruising or en route between two locations, thus not recorded
Locations in Bold are Communities  
Coordinates may vary depending on actiual location. Mainly from vessel records.