Appendix 6

Add to Appendix 6: Known Cruise Ship Incidents in Polar Waters



Miranda struck an iceberg at 08:20am on 17 July. Starboard bow above the water line damaged. Temporary repair at Cape Charles Labrador; full repair at St. John’s NL 22-28 July.

Miranda struck an unknown shoal about 7 miles outside Sukkertoppen (now Maniitsoq) Greenland) at 08:20am 09 August returned to Sukkertoppen to await assistance. Ship was holed under the stokehold/engine room, but the ballast tanks held.

Miranda abandoned in a sinking condition at 5:30am 24 August at 61o15’N 58o40’W. Ship may have sunk at a different location as the engines were still running. The 33 crew and officers were evacuated to the schooner Rigel, which was under tow, and carrying the remaining 48 passengers. No lives were lost.