Amended Canadian Cruise Statistics

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) published its findings into the grounding of the Akademik Ioffe on 19 May 2021[1]. This revealed that OneOcean had undertaken a passenger turnaround at Kugaaruk on 23 August 2018. In this exchange, apparently 102 passengers and 24 staff were embarked, while the previous voyage’s passengers and 24 staff were disembarked. Also, that crew numbers were 37 persons.

This means that the Cruise Ship Itinerary for 2018 on which I had based my estimates was, regrettably, in error. A turnaround had not been indicated, and that there were 35 crew on board, but it does resolve a question that I raised regarding numbers of people transferred to the Akademik Sergey Vavilov. The TSB report confirms 126 persons (102 passengers and 24 staff) were transferred, and that the POB figure of 270 was correct.

An amended version of the Canadian Cruise statistics has been posted with updated numbers for 2018.

[1] I only learned of the availability of the report on 28 May during a virtual presentation of the findings at the Spring CMAC-N meeting.